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I will give you a pencil

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

As we get older, we tend to behave as if the ending of our story has already been written. It becomes more difficult to start something new. Our daily routine gets filled up with things that we SHOULD do. Why add more to the plate that is already full? If you could go back in time, would you do something about your childhood dream? Hey, it is too late now. Is it?

We can always rewrite our story.

I have recently watched a movie entitled 'The English Teacher'. In this movie, Linda, an English teacher in a high school, believes in her former student's talent as a playwright and supports the production of his play in her school. The heroine is supposed to commit suicide at the end of the original play, which the school principal finds inappropriate for high school students. Changing the original ending is not acceptable to this novice playwright. To keep the performance of the play from being canceled, Linda rewrites the ending of the play, which contributes to the success of the play after all.

This movie is not for everyone. But what inspired me was Linda's belief in the play. Despite the playwright's skepticism, Linda saw the possibility that the altered ending would strengthen the message of the play rather than falling it apart. Being flexible in a challenging environment helps us stay resilient by creating more opportunities for success.

Linda also reminds me of my teacher who encouraged me to write an essay every day when I was a small child. It is a privilege to have someone who sees our potential, helping us realize it. More often than not, we are not sure of how far we can go with our strength. When someone believes in us, it boosts our energy to try harder. Perhaps it also strengthens the conspiracy of the universe, assisting us to reach our dream.

For most of my life, I have never deeply appreciated jobs that help others achieve their dream. Teachers shape the future of their students. Scriptwriters bring brilliant shows into the light. Housekeepers help patients recover by keeping their environment nice. Editors highlight intriguing content, helping the content creators communicate with the world. They don't get the spotlight for what they do. But they facilitate the realization of others' dreams.

As a parent, teacher, friend, and service provider, if we all strive to notice others' potential, believe in it and give them a little push to actualize it, it will make it so much easier for us to rewrite our stories no matter what life stage we are in. Mistakes and regrets do happen. But don't let them dictate the ending of your story. Grab a pencil and keep writing for even ten minutes a day. Or present one to someone you care about!

(Images: Media Assets Repository System)

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