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This is a picture of the blogger (Coach Maya) taken during my trip to Canada.

About me

I'm Jung-Eun Lee, a biochemist passionate about problem-solving.


The focus of the healthcare industry has been on treating patients once they get hit by full-blown diseases. However, given a rapid worldwide increase in type 2 diabetes that causes circulatory challenges, keeping the blood glucose level in a safe zone is the key to taking control of our health proactively.

Complex carbohydrate-rich meals can achieve this goal easily.  Because it takes a much longer time for our body to digest fiber-rich food such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables than simple sugar, not only would these complex carbohydrates blunt your blood sugar spikes right after meals, but you would also feel full for a much longer time.  So you hit two birds with a stone:  lowering risks for diabetes/cardiovascular diseases and losing extra weight.

I encourage meat lovers and sweet toothers to try out my recipes that make the best use of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables and that bring out their best flavors without relying on excessive fat, salt, and refined sugar.

You will be surprised to learn that mushrooms, asparagus, eggplants, tomatoes, seaweed, and fermented beans are excellent sources of umami flavors.

Looking back, there are things that I wish I had learned in my twenties: investment, cooking, exercise, and communication.  To give young people or late bloomers a head start, I aim to distill what I have learned the hard way into this blog.  I hope that this blog will encourage beginners to take baby steps, creating momentum for positive changes in their lives. 

I may be one step ahead of someone and ten steps behind others.  What matters to me is to reach out to the one person behind me.  Once he/she makes progress, they can help others behind them.  We will pay it forward!

If you find the blog posts on this website helpful, please share them with your friends to help others discover this blog easily.

I would love to read your comments and see the pictures of your dishes that were made based on my recipes or those that highlight your creative genius.  I hope to see you here more often!

Hi There 





I have put together here simple, healthy, and delicious recipes that use mostly whole grains and vegetables.  


You can also find science-backed ideas that promote our well-being.


Please share your thoughts on these recipes and ideas so that we can build a mindful community around us!

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