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You may see some product links to the Amazon website.  Those links are for your information only. I used to have an Amazon associate account, but it has been closed due to the lack of sale that had originated from this website.  So, whether you click the links to Amazon or not, it does not make any difference for me.  I'm keeping these links so that you can save time in searching for the Korean grocery items.  You may have better access to them on if there are no Asian grocery stores in your area.

I may consider adding more affiliate links for the products or services that I enjoy using.  If you have questions, you can always reach out to me on the Contact page.

Hi There 





I have put together here simple, healthy, and delicious recipes that use mostly whole grains and vegetables.  


You can also find science-backed ideas that promote our well-being.


Please share your thoughts on these recipes and ideas so that we can build a mindful community around us!

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