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Let's pay it forward as a content creator

It was the convenience of carrying a genie in my pocket that eventually convinced me to buy a mobile phone. You make a wish in the search box. Voila! You get answers. We rely on the discoverability of useful information on the internet. Scientists learn the advance of their fields from the published results and use them to push the boundary. Investors closely follow analysts' opinion to make their investment decision. Most people generously share their own experience to help others in need. As a matter of fact, Amazon reviews, YouTube videos, and TED talks have become my go-to sources, where I gather information to compare similar items, troubleshoot, or even get inspired.

Flow of information through social media

I'm probably not the only person, who has fixed a washing machine after watching a YouTube video. Having benefited so much from freely available information, I hope to pay it forward by sharing what I have learned the hard way with others. I'm also a believer in that open access to a wealth of information will grow the middle class by leveling the playing field. There is a catch though. Information overload. I like the idea of ​social media, which allows everyone to voice their opinions. But it also makes it difficult to navigate through the sea of information, when people post or share things without fact-checking or much elaboration that substantiates the importance of the posts. Perhaps we can be more mindful of what we post. Let's make it clear what we want readers to get out of our posts. Facts should support our conclusions. We can also point the readers to a better source for further exploration of the related issues. I'm hopeful that improving our practice of publishing posts mindfully will further increase our enjoyment of living in this closely connected world. What are your ideas for​ publishing great posts?

Finding a way out of trouble through the guidance of information

(Sources of all images: Media Assets Repository System)

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