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What-is-in-the-fridge salad

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Forgot to buy something at a grocery store? No problem. You can make this radish salad, using vegetables that can be kept in a fridge for several weeks.

This 'quarantine' salad is easy to make and versatile as well. It is an appetizing side dish that is rich in fiber and anti-oxidants. You can keep this salad in a fridge for a week and pair it with buckwheat noodles, which would make a nice brunch! I would season the cooked buckwheat noodles with soy sauce and combine it with this radish salad and slices of avocado to make buckwheat noodle salad.

Grocery shopping has never been more challenging since the social distancing policy was implemented at grocery stores. It can take up to an hour for me to get into a grocery store due to the store managers' efforts to keep the number of shoppers in a store below a certain threshold at any given moment.

To reduce the frequency of your shopping trips, I suggest that you keep vegetables that last several weeks in a fridge. My go-to-vegetables are carrots, celery, onions, garlic, potatoes, cabbages, bell peppers, radishes, eggplants, and bok choy. You can keep onions and garlic in a cool, dark place. The other vegetables can be kept in a perforated bag that is wrapped in a paper. The holes in a bag release ethylene, the ripening gas produced by fruits and vegetables, which would keep them fresh for a long time. On the other hand, the paper wraps absorb extra moisture around the vegetables, which would slow down fungal growth on them.

I was planning to make a cucumber salad this weekend. After returning from a shopping trip, I realized that I had forgotten to buy a cucumber. The thought of standing in a long line again for at least half an hour just to enter the grocery store was not appealing.

What can I replace a cucumber with? I thought to myself. In the fridge, I found celery! An open bag of radishes and a red bell pepper showed up, too. It occurred to me that I could also use some frozen corn to brighten up this salad. Two weeks ago, I had bought a bag of red onions on sale. Why not use them? So, my negligence and what was available in the fridge gave birth to the following recipe (see the picture of this salad below).

Salad made with radish, celery, bell pepper, and corns

Ingredients for 8 servings

1 LB of radishes (sliced) One red bell pepper (sliced)

Half of a sweet or red onion (sliced) Four sticks of celery (finely chopped) A handful of cooked corns

1 tsp salt

2 tsp sugar

4 tsp distilled vinegar 1/4 tsp ginger powder

Freshly ground black pepper


I would start by microwaving fresh or frozen corn and let them cool down in a container with a cover on. Because cooked corns are delicate, I won't add them to this salad until everything else is ready to go.

You can put all the other prepared vegetables and seasonings in a big mixing bowl and mix everything well.

Check the final taste of this salad to see if it needs more salt. Add the cooked corns to the salad and keep it refrigerated in a glass container until it is ready to be served.

I hope that you will enjoy this simple, delicious salad as much as I do and that it will brighten up your dining table!

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